Characteristics Charcoal Briquettes Indonesia (Quality, Energy Efficiency)

charcoal briquettes indonesia

Charcoal briquettes Indonesia – One fuel media for stoves/stoves is briquettes; some are made of coal, coconut shells, firewood, and husk charcoal. This time I will discuss briquettes from coconut shells, one solution to save costs that have been proven by research. Coconut shell charcoal briquettes are widely sold in the market. Still, you need to know that charcoal briquettes are challenging to distinguish with the naked eye but differ in quality after being tested on fire and in the laboratory.

  • Good charcoal has levels.
  • Calories 7000 – 7300 Kilo Calories / Kg
  • Moisture 7 – 10%
  • Ash Content: 2.5 – 3%
  • Fixed Carbon 84%
  • Burning Time 2 Hours
  • Coconut Shell Material
  • Size : Cube 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm

Shisa and Barberque Party Using Charcoal Briquettes Indonesia

The general parameters of briquettes are smoke color, ash, and odor. According to experts, the smoke is colorless, and the rest of the ash should be white. The smell must also be free of odors other than the typical smell of the shell. Meanwhile, specific parameters consist of fixed carbon content (FCC), energy (number of calories), and ash content (ash content). The FCC describes the flammability of a material. The smaller the FCC, the faster the material burns out.

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Testing Routine Required to Maintain Quality

Briquettes with a large FCC release more energy and leave less ash. The product is divided into two designations, barbecue, and shisha. The difference is the quality parameter. Briquettes for shisha burn longer with an FCC of more than 82%, release more energy (8,000 calories), and are less ash with less than 2% ash content. Meanwhile, barbecue briquettes have an FCC of less than 80% (usually 75-76%), releasing 6,000 calories and leaving a maximum of 10% white ash.

All of the Charcoal briquettes Indonesia met the general parameters, which were odorless other than the smell of charcoal and produced white smoke. Asep stated that the composition of raw materials for most charcoal briquette producers is the same; 95% of the remaining charcoal is starch for adhesives. However, the results may differ between manufacturers due to different processing methods.

One thing is sure; the processed briquettes must meet the standard parameters according to their designation. Making shells requires a low-air combustion technique—commonly called pyrolysis—to make quality briquettes.

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